The Smarter Choice

To make the right choices you need the right advice. For this, we have teamed up with The All-New Ford Kuga – the Smart Utility Vehicle.
Our experienced reviewers have checked out the latest thinking across the fields of technology, entertainment, health and travel, so you can make the smartest choices in 2013.

The smarter partner

The all-new Ford Kuga is our partner in this project. With innovative features, the new Kuga is an SUV that’s in tune with your driving instincts, for a safer, smarter experience.

The all-new Kuga, has also teamed up with the UEFA Champions League to offer you and three others a chance to attend the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley on the 25th May. The prize includes an overnight hotel stay, transport from the hotel to the match and £400 spending money. There are 364 tickets up for grabs across Europe so click on the UEFA Champions League competition button to the right for your chance to win. Terms and conditions apply.